Sweden’s Henrik Lundqvist OK after ‘big scare’ at practice

The Swedes have a joke about defenseman Erik Karlsson: He has one speed, and that’s wrecking ball.

They are on him about slowing down in practice, though, because this morning at Bolshoy Training Rink, Karlsson knocked down star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist giving chase to Loui Eriksson, and wiped out star scorer Daniel Alfredsson of the Detroit Red Wings.

“That’s a tough thing,” Alfredsson said, “because he really wanted to catch Loui on the breakaway and threw himself down, and Henrik was trying to make the save, and they just pummeled each other. We can laugh at it now because it wasn’t too serious, but it gave everybody a big scare.”

Alfredsson ended up taking a spill doing a drill with Karlsson. “He has one speed that most of us don’t,” Alfredsson said. “I had to cheat.”

The incident happened near the end of practice. Lundqvist was crouched on the ice for a few minutes after the hit, then skated off to watch from the boards. Lundqvist declined to talk to reporters, but coach Par Marts said Lundqvist is fine. “Such things happen all the time,” Marts said. “No problem.”


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