Canucks not aggressively shopping and trying to trade Ryan Kesler

Well it’s by no means guaranteed but it is a possibility. The buzz on Kesler is increasing by the day. Now, we should get the disclaimers out of the way. The Vancouver Canucks are not aggressively shopping and trying to trade Ryan Kesler, but I do believe that they’re aggressively listening.

Keep in mind though that Kesler has got a no-move, no-trade clause, so he’s not going anywhere he doesn’t want to go. Keep in mind also that he’s technically injured right now, he’s got a finger injury that might be broken, we’re only guessing. The Canucks say he’s day-to-day so hopefully that won’t come into play. But the question then becomes what would the Canucks have to get back in order to consider trading Kesler? It would obviously be a lot. What they’re going to be looking for is to pick up a young centre between the ages of 20-25 who can grow into the role that Kesler is in right now. Somebody that gives you a fighting chance at a reload if not necessarily a rebuild.

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