Babcock deserves Jack Adams Award more than ever

Mike Babcock has never won the coach of the year award in the National Hockey League and that, by itself, seems odd.

Because there isn’t a better coach in the NHL.

Babcock has been to the Stanley Cup final three times with two different teams, has coached two Olympic gold-medal teams, has a .629 winning percentage in 11 NHL seasons and a .595 winning percentage in the post-season.

And you know what else? He has probably not coached harder or better at any time in his career than he has with the wonky Detroit Red Wings and all their injuries and callups this challenging season.

Patrick Roy of Colorado is just about everybody’s choice to win the award and that’s understandable. Jon Cooper in Tampa Bay is fine candidate. This is what happens: The coach of the team least expected to succeed usually ends up with the Jack Adams Award.

But should the Red Wings somehow find a way to make the playoffs, and even if they miss out by a point or two, Babcock should be a coach of the year finalist. And one of these years, really, shouldn’t he win the damn thing?

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